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The Strings of Autumn festival returns!

After a year-long hiatus, we are back with new energy, new ideas, a new artistic board, and a continued emphasis on our “innovative tradition”, personified by the president and founder of the festival Marek Vrabec. The festival enters its third decade with a number of innovations while retaining its tried-and-true cookbook of festival programming, which constitutes a choice mix of jazz, classical music, tradition, and experimentation. This solid base is seasoned and refined with hints and flavours of world folk, folklore, country, hip hop, and the like, to create unique new blend of sensations – a real experience.

“Innovative, daring, multi-genre”

– those are the most frequent adjectives that have been used to describe our festival over the past 20 years. The new programming team will not try to veer from these attributes, but on the contrary, we aim to augment and highlight them even further. Our artistic board comprises eminent artists and experts on various genres and can thus guarantee both diversity and uncompromising quality. Board membership was accepted by Guy Borg, a person of rare artistic integrity who has previously served as the festival’s director of artistic programming, Petr Ostrouchov, a respected musician, composer, publisher, and producer, and Vilém Spilka, the new programme director of the Strings of Autumn and also the artistic director of the congenial festival JazzFestBrno.

We look forward to sharing new experiences both musical and social at the Strings of Autumn 2017!