6/11, 20 h
Divadlo X10


The cellist returns to Strings 23 years after his first appearance to play Bach’s fabled cello suites in an unusual venue

Violoncello: Jiří Bárta


Duration: cca 145 min (one interval)


The concert is acoustic.


A detailed programme will be available at the concert venue on the day of the performance.

When Jiri Barta performed Bach’s six cello suites at the first-ever Strings of Autumn in 1996, he was a young man taking on one of the greatest works written for a solo instrumentalist. In 2019, he returns to the festival, and to Bach’s masterpiece, with an interpretation informed and shaped by the experiences of the intervening years: the testament of a mature artist.


‘I remember the first time I ever played these suites,’ says Barta. ‘It felt like meeting a ghost. Every single suite felt like a perfect symphony, like the story of a life in six chapters – a totally logical and thought-out composition.’


The concert takes place in the kind of space not typically associated with Bach: Divadlo X10, with its an industrial atmosphere and concrete interior, promises to bring a new dimension to these venerable pieces.

#Early Classical