4 Nov, 8 p.m.
Archa Theatre


Although Dagmar Voňková usually performs solo, she gladly accepted the Strings of Autumn’s offer to give a rare presentation of a selection of her work accompanied by instrumentation especially prepared for this occasion.

Voňková entered the Czech music scene in the early 1970s. She soon found a very intuitive way of accompanying her expressive vocals through the unique use of her guitar often using tapping, bowing, various tuning systems, string harmonics, and other extreme techniques. Her songs are a blend of traditional folk music and a modern performance style with raw and urgent vocals. The composer and musician Petr Ostrouchov assembled a special group of superb artists just for this festival concert, including Beata Hlavenková, Jiří Slavík, Miloš Dvořáček, Dorota Barová, Marcel Bárta, Oskar Török, Marian Friedl, and others. The festival  pays tribute to the distinctive Czech singer-songwriter symbolically in the year of her milestone birthday.