Since its inception in 1996, Strings of Autumn has established itself as one of the Czech Republic’s major music festivals, whose wide-ranging and eclectic programming illuminates the relationships between genres ranging from early and contemporary classical to jazz, hip-hop, and electronica. Tracking the pulse that runs from era to era and style to style, and playing out in a variety of intimate venues across Prague, Strings has presented some of the world’s most iconic musical pioneers, as well as the new generations inspired by them.

Whether it’s titans of jazz like Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins, and Ahmad Jamal, groundbreaking composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, or hip-hop legends like De La Soul, the roll-call of Strings artists includes undisputed masters of their forms. But the festival has always been equally committed to exploring the pathways opened up by these artists, and following the twists and turns that characterise the ongoing evolution of music. Its programme has featured some of the most vital performers on the contemporary scene, from the experimental hip-hop and electronica of Shabazz Palaces and Young Fathers to the cutting-edge jazz of Robert Glasper, Brad Mehldau, and Jason Moran, to innovators of song and roots forms Lambchop and Punch Brothers.


What unites these artists is their resistance to easy classification, and the way their work weaves the influences of past and present into something coherent, new, and arresting. And much the same could be said of Strings of Autumn itself: respectful of the past, alive to the present, and with one eye on the future, the festival continues to evolve.


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‘Strings of Autumn is one of Prague’s most innovative musical undertakings.’

‘Strings of Autumn is willing to experiment in a way few other festivals have the courage to.’


As all music lovers know, the right match of artist and venue can bring a certain magic to a concert: a sense of intimacy, of contact with a performer, and a unique-ness of experience that stays with you. That’s why we take special care when choosing our venues, and aim to present artists more ‘close-up,’ or even in a more unusual context, than you might see them elsewhere.

The festival venues are as eclectic as the artists that play them: from opulent concert halls (Rudolfinum, Lucerna) to intimate theatres (Archa) to contemporary, semi-industrial spaces (DOX+, La Fabrika), and from historic Prague landmarks (St. Agnes Convent, Vitkov Memorial) to state-of-the-art concert facilities (Forum Karlin) to club stages (Roxy, Lucerna Music Bar).


Strings of Autumn is led by its founder and president Marek Vrabec, who started the festival under Vaclav Havel at Prague Castle in 1996. As well as 23 years at the helm of Strings, Marek spent six years as Artistic Director of the classical music festival Dvorak Prague.

The programme of the festival is put together by a three-man team consisting of Marek, Vilem Spilka (artistic director of JazzFestBrno), and Guy Borg, the long-term programmer of Strings of Autumn and ex-programmer of Dvorak Prague.


The financial director of the festival is Vlastimil Trllo, and Vladimir Koller is director of development. Our production team is led by Veronika Osladilova.



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