6/11, 20 h


& Zemlinsky Quartet

Acclaimed composer curates a special evening of his works for small ensembles

Mantra Percussion:

Al Cerulo

Joseph Bergen

Robert Cosgrove

Christopher Graham

Michael McCurdy

Mark Utley


Zemlinsky Quartet: 

Violin: František Souček

Violin: Petr Střížek

Viol: Petr Holman

Violoncello: Vladimír Fortin



Duration: 90min (one interval)


A detailed programme with insightfulcommentary will be available at theconcert venue on the day of theperformance.

Following appearances by David Lang and Julia Wolfe at recent editions of Strings, their sometime collaborator and Bang on a Can stablemate Michael Gordon – himself one of the most acclaimed  composers working today – comes to the festival in 2019. Gordon’s music has been celebrated for its imaginative boldness and fusion of elements that incorporate classical minimalism, a punk-rock edge, and the risk-taking spirit of free jazz.


His Strings of Autumn concert will be an evening devoted to his work for smaller ensembles, featuring his iconic composition ‘Timber’ (for six percussionists, each playing  a wooden simantra (or 2×4 wooden plank) performed by the American ensemble Mantra Percussion, who originally co-commissioned the work and recorded it for album release. The programme also presents examples of Gordon’s work for string quartet: the pieces ‘Clouded Yellow,’ and ‘Potassium,’ originally written for Kronos Quartet, will be performed by one of the pre-eminent domestic ensembles, the Zemlinsky Quartet.



#New Classical