Nov 6, 22 p.m.
Kavárna Lucerna


The musicians of Malina Brothers share not only their hometown of Nachod, but also similar musical backgrounds.
Their repertoire consists of songs that the band members grew up listening to (Czech and English influences), as well as, original works that reflect the influence of bluegrass and Irish music. If the musicians look familiar, you may recognize them from their other successful endeavors: Lubos Malina (Druha Trava, Katka Garcia Project, producer & studio musician), Pavel Malina (studio musician), Pepa Malina (COP), and Pavel Peroutka (Spiritual Quintet & Jiri Holoubek Trio).

Their music is what American grassers would likely describe as progressive, a style long popular in eastern Europe, and long associated with Czech resistance to Soviet hegemony prior to the collapse of the Iron Curtain. For many years, western music – and especially American music – was prohibited, giving diehard fans an even greater incentive to play it.