Church U Salvatora
11.–13. Oct
7 p.m., 8 p.m., 9 p.m., 10 p.m.


Autumn Prague will be both brightened and sounded by the joint audiovisual performance of two progressive cultural festivals. The Organik project was created by linking the innovative musical dramaturgy of the Strings of Autumn and unique visual content of the SIGNAL Festival. The atmosphere of a unique experience, at the border of the concert and light installation, will be further enhanced by the space of Prague’s church U Salvátora, where you can enjoy the Organik from 11th to 13th October, in a total of twelve performances.

The musical part for the Organik installation will be performed on church organ U Salvátora by the organ player Katta. The music composed live is suggestive and evokes hypnotic sound landscape whose progressive or even cosmic sound is created exclusively by sound possibilities of classical church organs “U Salvátora”. The audience will probably be in doubts whether they still hear the sound of the organ or if it is more likely a synthesizer.  “The Organik project is unique because of all the sound effects that are created analogically through the mechanical and register action of the organs,” Katta, before the premiere of Organik, said.


Katta likes to convey music beyond the perceptions of organ concerts with her interpretation and shows new sound perspectives of the organs in the 21st century. A distinctive artist composes her own original music in which she often uses her voice. She has co-operated with extravagant American organist Cameron Carpenter, British violinist Daniel Hope, as well as Czech musician David Koller. As an organist and cembalist, she has performed with leading orchestras such as the Prague´s FOK Symphony Orchestra and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Anima Eterna and others. The audience could appreciate her talent in important cathedrals, including in Passau or London.


The light component of the Organik project will be created by the young creative group BLOK_4. Their work is characteristic for a very perceptive approach to light, space and time, they also like to combine modern technologies with nostalgic elements in their audiovisual and light design realizations. SIGNAL festival discovered artists from BLOK_4 for its program last year, thanks to the call SIGNAL Calling. It looks for interesting projects, especially the younger generation of Czech artists, who work with light in original way and draw attention to interesting places in Prague.


The creative foursome was original with the installation called Hladina. Within the Organik project, they connected the altar towards which the audience is looking with the organ situated behind their back, by using a mirror wall and a light pendulum. The audience can look forward to a unique kinetic installation flowing and lighting through the middle part of the church nave and along with the sound of the organ.