6 Nov, 8 p.m.
Lucerna Grand Hall


Chris Thile returns to the Strings of Autumn with his home band to take us into the unique world of 21st century bluegrass. The Punch Brothers musicians are all unparalleled masters of their instruments, and together they test the boundaries of every genre they explore – country, jazz, even classical music.

The Punch Brothers are founded on the traditional, tried-and-true format of the bluegrass quintet and on the immaculate polyphonic vocals of “hardcore” style that likewise draw from the traditions of the genre. Yet the music often seems elaborately mismatched. Their compositions frequently abandon the traditional song form and style, they use their instruments in unorthodox ways and bring new and untried combinations of timbre. The Punch Brothers’ concerts are infused with invigorating energy, spontaneity, extreme changes in dynamics, and impeccable coordination.