19/10, 20 h

1964 / 2019

A recreation of the classic ‘Recital 1964’ from an icon of Czech music

‘Still, we really must play Rudolfinum one day. The piano’s always well-tuned and all the best people go there.’ So says Jiri Slitr in the song ‘Tri tety,’ and now, 50 years after his tragic death, Strings of Autumn makes that dream come true – at least for his partner in the beloved ‘Suchy + Slitr’ duo, Jiri Suchy.

The concert will be an imaginative recreation of the duo’s famous TV show ‘Recital ’64,’ filmed at Barrandov Studios in 1964. Stage designer Michal Caban’s set will aim to evoke the atmosphere of that show, while Jiri Suchy will perform its classic songs, backed by his Semafor Theatre band.

This tribute to an iconic duo takes place in a year of notable anniversaries: 95 years since Slitr’s birth and 50 since his death, 60 years since the founding of Semafor theatre, and 55 years since ‘Recital ’64’ was broadcast.


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