10 Oct, 8 p.m.
Concert Hall of the Prague Conservatory.


Following the performance of Riley’s most famous work “In C”, the Strings of Autumn will present the legendary composer as a pianist in an intimate duo with his son Gyan, whose guitar is an excellent match for his father’s melodic inventions.

Terry Riley’s most famous works besides “In C” are Rainbow Curved Air (1967) or the album Church of Anthrax (1970), which he recorded with John Cale. In recent years he has maintained an intermittently public chamber duo with his son Gyan, known for instance for his collaboration with Iva Bittová or Zakir Hussain. Terry’s melodic creations are infused with the composer’s studies of classical Indian music, and these are superbly complemented by Gyan’s West-African rhythms and flamenco-inspired guitar. The father-son collaboration has an enchanting effect and works just great – Terry Riley himself says that these concert performances have brought him more pleasure than anything else.