9 Oct 2018, 8 p.m.
Vítkov National Memorial


The performance of Terry Riley’s essential work “In C” at the Strings of Autumn is exceptional in three ways: the composer himself personally in attendance, the interpretation by Paul Hillier’s Ars Nova Copenhagen, the atmosphere of the Vítkov Memorial.

Terry Riley wrote his groundbreaking work “In C” in 1964, thus practically launching the triumphant march of American Minimalism even before Reich and Glass. Riley disposed of all the amenities of compositional technique and offered something that seemed like child’s play in comparison: a gradual process of constant, subtle transformation, which can be followed even by an untrained ear and which guides “In C” ever onwards. It is a clean, innovative, ingenious, mature and yet comprehensible, euphoric work. “Some respected artists thought that ‘In C’ was a joke when it appeared. But it was a revolution.” (Pavel Klusák) Besides “In C”, the concert will bring works of the Renaissance masters of polyphony together with the compositions of Julia Wolfe, Arvo Pärt, and Hans Abrahamsen.


Guillaume Dufay: Gloria ad modem Tubae
Anne Boyd: As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams
Anonymous 14th century: Ave miles celestis / Ave rex
Julia Wolfe: Guard My Tongue
Anonymous 13th century: Alleluia Hockets
Hans Abrahamsen: Universe Birds
Terry Riley: In C