Wed 02/11 2022    20h
Lucerna – Grand Hall
Wed 02/11 2022    20h
Lucerna – Grand Hall
Lucerna – Grand Hall

The iconic quartet of the early 90s – featuring players who would each go on to stellar careers as soloists – back together again: a dream come true for jazz fans.

MoodSwing, the album by Joshua Redman's first regular quartet, became a milestone in 90s jazz. The quartet comprised four exceptionally-talented musicians at the beginning of what would be dazzling careers – a rare case of time and circumstance conspiring to bring the very best emerging musicians together in one band. Saxophonist Joshua Redman, pianist Brad Mehldau, bassist Christian McBride, and drummer Brian Blade would go on to achieve great success as solo artists – but in 2020 they got back together to make the album Round Again and proved that, as a band, they still retain that magic chemistry that so stunned the jazz world twenty-five years ago. Time may have given them all a few wrinkles, but it's also provided a wealth of experience from years spent playing top-of-the-line jazz around the world. 

 Four masters deliver a truly satisfying album

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The long break from playing together has done nothing to break the musical and friendship bonds between the players. Redman says: 'One afternoon we rehearsed, then played two shows at The Falcon club in Marlboro, New York, then went straight into the studio. And as soon as we started playing, it was clear the magic was still there.' His bandmates concur: 'If it had been up to me, we'd have done this ten years ago,' says Mehldau. McBride adds: 'these boys have grown-up in an unbelievable way. And even if you don't play together for twenty years, you just need a couple of beats to realise what this shared feeling is all about, because that feeling never leaves you.'

They have established international careers by chasing mastery on their instruments, in the tradition of jazz greats past

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Joshua Redman – saxophone
Brad Mehldau – piano
Christian McBride – bass
Brian Blade – drums


Lucerna – Grand Hall

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